Neighbourhood Plan

Like many communities Stoke Goldington undertook work on developing a Neighbourhood Plan. We felt it was important as we believed a Neighbourhood Plan, and the planning process which creates it, would give our community direct power to develop a shared vision for our neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of our local area. 

Following a substantial period of time working on our plan, in November 2020 a meeting of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group took place. Concern was expressed there that the work undertaken too that period in time hadn’t identified any housing need in our village. This, combined with the likely impact of the Government White Paper on Planning on the efficacy of Neighbourhood Plans, led Steering Committee members to feel that work should stop on the plan.

The rational and reasons were put to our Parish Council who then took a vote on a proposal to discontinue work on the Neighbourhood Plan and archive the data collected for it.  All were in favour.  The data has since been archived.   

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