Parish Council – What do we do ?

Parish Councils are the lowest tier of local government and whilst some may challenge their need, they do serve a very vital purpose, especially in smaller communities.

Your Council Tax paid to Milton Keynes Council, covers all your basic services and they are responsible for the road and path maintenance, the landscape maintenance of the verges, drain maintenance and cleaning, refuse collection and litter, schools, street lighting and social care etc.

The Parish Council Precept is an extra tax taken by the Parish Council to fund the services they provide. Our Precept shows how this money is allocated and the Receipts and Payments give full details of how the money is actually spent.  Our main responsibilies are the Recreation Ground (except the part of the play area with the swings, slide and roundabout), the War Memorial and Memorial Green, the Flower Beds, The Dog Bins and Litter Bins and the Reading Room. The Parish Council also has the power to make donations to local groups and does each year support the Church towards their Burial Ground Maintenance, the Gate Group News towards the printing costs of the monthly magazine and the SRW Senior Citizens Group.

We have over the years established an excellent working relationship with Milton Keynes Council and are able to go directly to officers with problems that require attention. Whilst not claiming that we always get results as quickly as we would like, there are very few occasions when we have not acquired a satisfactory conclusion in the end. The flood defense work whilst not moving as swiftly as we had hoped, is ongoing and we are constantly asking for updates in order that we can keep residents informed of the progress.

 The Parish Council obtains all of the plans for applications made in the village and studies them carefully before making any relevant comments. Whilst the ultimate decision belongs to Milton Keynes Council, our comments are considered and often acted upon.

To contact Stoke Goldington Parish Council, please email:

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