Reading Room

The Reading Room is a small single story building under the management of the Parish Council, on behalf of the residents of Stoke Goldington.

The building was constructed in 1892 and paid for by J.W. Carlile, [the Carliles owned the whole village at the time] to provide a public room where men of the village could improve themselves. The building subsequently had a rear extension built to provide a kitchen area and toilets. There is also a small secure courtyard at the rear.

The Reading Room has seating for 30 people and is still used used by local residents as meeting place for social activities and parties. It is also available for hire by non residents. To enquiry about using the Reading Room email local Parish Councillor Cathy Williscroft.

Main Room. The tables and chairs can be arranged to suit the use of the room, i.e. a standard meeting layout, small clusters or along one wall to create an open space. The room is about 28 foot long by 15 foot wide.

Kitchen. The kitchen has a gas hob, microwave and the cupboards have a range of items for use when hiring the building. There are cups, saucers, milk jugs, plates, a Berko hot water boiler [for lots of hot drinks!], trays and crockery.

Courtyard. The sunny secure secluded courtyard has two small bistro tables, eight chairs and is a perfect area to gather and enjoy a social get together.

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